Monday, November 3, 2014

my apologies for neglecting

I have not posted anything here (well except the Literature Today post) since back in September.  What has been happening?

I went to Bookfest in downtown Bangor, left my book in some stores in  downtown Bangor.  Also, I put a copy of my book in the little free library that is located in the pocket park next to Central Street Farmhouse in downtown Bangor.

I shared a copy of my book with the Bangor, Orono, Old Town and Lincoln libraries :)

I have printed copies of my book. Let me know if you want one from me.  All copies will be signed by me :)

I put a copy of my book in Tabitha King's mailbox.  I mailed a copy of my book to Erica Jong :)

It's a snow day's a haiku about snow :

vibrate & crunch

ice & snow

Cold sunlight
still blinds


FREE poetry (incuding a new poem by me) :)

Download a FREE copy of Literature Today :)  This is book is a collection of different poets and their poems, including a new one from me called "Flood"

From the book description:
The first edition of LITERATURE TODAY presents a collection of wide range of poems and stories dealing with the theme of "Man/Woman & Nature". Each poem and story is an epic in itself. Be a part of this rare blend of creativity and conscience. Read and enjoy the soul searching representative poems and stories of sixty seven authors.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

my poetry book ..details... is on Amazon!

THANK you to Thomas Hill Publishing for taking a chance on my words :)

My poetry book is on Amazon Get it! It's only 1.99 and the money goes to help fight cancer

click here to buy my book :)

I can hear you now: "But, Valeri I don't have a Kindle and can't read your book, I want to though"
No Kindle? No worries! just use the FREE Kindle Reading apps and you can read my book on your computer, iPad or phone....just click the link! - FREE Kindle Reading app

my promo for ...details...!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

A review of my poetry book ...details...

Click the link above to read a review of my poetry book   ...details...

...details... will be available sometime in September, stay tuned!

Thank you A.J. and April :)

Monday, June 30, 2014